As he had done hundreds, if not thousands, of times, Capt. Brett Holden sent down a squid on a 50-wide reel and said, “I bet we get bit in less than 30 seconds.” The weight hit the bottom, and as soon as he cranked the bait off the bottom, the highly anticipated tap-tap of a swordfish ­whacking the bait was already there. He teased the fish with a series of drop-backs and quick cranks, and the rod tip nearly hit the water when it bent under the load as the fish was hooked.

Holden yelled, “We’re tight!” and I thought to myself, You’ve got to be kidding me. I grabbed the rod and clipped into the stand-up harness for the fight. At the same time, Matt Reed, the mate on Booby Trap, sent down a second bait. As soon as I started to crank on my fish, the second rod was bent over with a doubleheader. Landing both of them in relative short order made us 18 fish shy of Holden’s quest for 1,000 swordfish, the reason for my trip. (Read More…) Marlin Magazine




Booby Trap Catches Swordfish Record Number 1,000

Record Swordfish Catches 2015

1,000 Swordfish for Capt. Brett Holden and the Booby Trap

Photo courtesy Capt. Brett Holden

Capt. Brett Holden reports to the staff at Marlin: “The quest for my 1,000th swordfish came to an end on July 26, 2015, with a trip out of Freeport, Texas, that produced 7 day-time swords, one during the night and one blue marlin on the way home. We are actually now at 1,001… wish you could have made the trip! I have now managed to catch or put our guests on a total of 1,001 swordfish over the years. I never had a goal of catching 1,000 swordfish, it just started creeping up on us. We have always enjoyed trying to set new records, so we decided to try for 1,000. It is one we will always remember.”

Stay tuned for an upcoming feature in the October 2015 issue of Marlin of senior editor Andrew Cox’s trip with Capt. Brett Holden and the crew aboard the Booby Trap in May where they fell just short of the 1,000 mark.

Pelagic Gear Facebook     #CelebratetheOffshoreLifestyle

Daytime swordfishing on the booby trap             Daytime Swordfishing - swordfish jumps - swordfishing action photos            Swordfish Records - Fishing on the Booby Trap for Daytime Swords


daytime swordfishing records         Jumping Daytime Swordfish - Pelagic          Texas Record Swordfish - Daytime Swordfish Record

Swordfish on Spin

Legendary swordfish crew lands a daytime sword on spinning gear.

carter-andrews-fishing-with-brett-holden-2014  carter-andrews-fishing-with-brett-holden  fishtrack-logo

Landing a daytime swordfish on spinning gear? It can be done! Armed with a Shimano Stella 20000 spooled with 30-pound line, the crew of the Booby Trap, along with Carter Andrews and his film crew set out to catch the first targeted daytime swordfish on spinning gear. Read more (link below)…


Video- Texas Swordfish 2014


Witness the drone footage while swordfishing! You’ll get a Texas sized dose of it here as the Booby Trap team provides a bird’s eye view during a recent trip out of Galveston. The short video is filled with swordfish, marlin, squid and flying fish action that puts you in the pit night and day with the crew.


 Adobe Photoshop PDF

I would like to thank the Booby Trap Fishing Team…

Texas Swordfish Seminar teaches daytime swordfishing techniques  How to Catch Daytime Swordfish  Tips on catching daytime swordfish

We receive hundreds of emails each year threw our website and fishing forums from around the globe about Swordfishing. This is one we just received from some of our Louisiana friends that are dialed in on the daytime swordfish for sure. Weare always looking forward to getting these super cool reports. This is what makes it all worth while! Thanks Thomas and Crew for the kind words! Get Tight Suckas!
Great work gentleman!

Booby Trap Fishing Team

Team Booby Trap,

I would like to thank the Booby Trap Fishing Team and all of those who supported the Texas Swordfishing Seminar this year for providing us with the tools necessary to catch our first two Louisiana swordfish. After reading and researching many articles and reports on daytime swordfishing combined with several failed attempts, the decision was made to attend the Texas Swordfishing Seminar. Without a doubt, the seminar made it possible for us to catch a daytime swordfish and I highly recommend the experience to anyone looking to “Get Tight!” with a sword. Both swordfish were caught on back to back fishing trips aboard the “Knight Life” based out of Cypremort Point, LA. The larger sword was the first on the boat caught by angler Nicholas Knight on June 7, 2014 and the second fish was caught by angler Jake Onebane on July 11, 2014. Again, many thanks to the Booby Trap Fishing Team and the Texas Swordfishing Seminar for making this dream a reality.



Daytime Swordfishing with spinning tackle with Carter Andrews

Carter Andrews guest angler on the Booby Trap Fishing Team  Catching swordfish on spinning tackle Daytime Swordfishing Records

The Shimano Stella is a beast! Check out this link for more photos and info on the trip!http://2coolfishing.com/ttmbforum/showthread.php?t=1059210 The first ever daytime swordfish caught on spinning tackle and filmed on the Booby Trap during the TV show “The Obsession of Carter Andrews”!

Carter Andrews of The Obsession of Carter Andrews TV Show- left
Capt. Brett Holden Booby Trap Fishing Team -right


Check out InTheBite Magazine!  Texas Has It All


Texas Daytime Swordfishing with the Booby Trap Fishing Team
Articles and photos with Booby Trap Fishing Team on pages 6,12,20,35 and 37.

Get your copy of this month’s IntheBite Magazine to read more! To subscribe to InTheBite Magazine visit the link below.


Record Tilefish in Texas Fishing Report – Congrats Mikey Parsons

Mikey Parsons caught the new unrestricted gear Tilefish Texas State Record while fishing with us on our 52′ Viking express “Booby Trap”.

Record Swordfishing and Tilefishing in the Gulf of Mexico  Mike Parsons lands record Tilefish in Texas How to catch monster tilefish
Article by FishTrack – Posted June 05, 2014

“Mikeys tilefish that is now the new pending Texas State Record was 43″ long and weighed 33.8 lbs.”


May 8th, 2014 News Wire by FishTrack

Learn how to catch a swordfish and tips on catching monster swordfish     Daytime swordfishing baits - swordfishing gear - swordfishing techniques - Swordfishing charters  fishtrack-logo
Texas Swordfish Seminar Educates Anglers and Raises Money for Veterans.

“Pelagic Pro Team Captain, Brett Holden, and the crew of Booby Trap have become world-figures in the sport fishing community, posting mind-boggling stats on swordfish catches in the Gulf (including an incredible 30-fish trip in June 2013), while also boasting the current Texas State all-tackle swordfish record of 493-pounds.”

Click on link below to read the entire article about the seminar:


Daytime swordfishing techniques article!

The annual Texas event continues to expand and attract a large following.

Sportfishing logo   Daytime swordfishing baits and lures
“Seminar on How to Catch Swordfish Raises Funds for Vets”

A swordfish seminar in Texas that has become an annual event and grown to surprising proportions this year raised more than $400,000 for Everyday Heroes, an organization dedicated to helping military vets get wheelchairs and other devices essential to them…click on the link below to read Sport Fishing Magazine’s full article!

#GetTightSucka #BoobyTrapFishingTeam #Fishing #Sportfishing



bd-outdoors-booby-trap-fishing-team  BD Outdoors Logo

Each year, two key numbers keep growing out of the Texas port of Surfside Beach.

The first one is the number of both day and nighttime swordfish that are caught by the world-class crew aboard the Booby Trap, captained by Brett Holden, Matt Reed, Jeff Wilson and Travis Joyce…Read Full article click on link below!



Texas Swordfish Seminar Raises $400K For Charity

seminarmn  Adobe Photoshop PDF 4

By: Dale Wills  The 2014 “Get Tight Sucka” Texas Swordfish Seminar held at Surfside Beach, Texas is in the books along with a significant donation of $400,000.00 into the US veterans organization of “Everyday Heroes Inc” accounting books.InTheBite was on hand this year and happy to support such a great cause. “I was impressed by the enthusiasm and passion the Booby Trap team demonstrated at the event. To leverage their knowledge of swordfishing expertise and using the seminar as a platform to raise money for our veterans is truly remarkable. It’s an event like no other and I thank all of you who stopped by our table.”

The Booby Trap is made up of Captains Brett Holden, Matt Reed, Jeff Wilson and Travis Joyce. During the seminar hundreds of spectators listened as the team discussed every detail about how to catch swordfish and as Brett Holden proclaimed, “There are no secrets to what we do, we are here to disclose everything in the hopes that everyone who attended the seminar will have the opportunity to go out and catch one of the most remarkable fish in our oceans.” In the full day seminar, the Booby Trap team did just that in a relaxed environment with breakout sessions demonstrating rigging techniques, tackle tips and even one-one discussions with any Booby Trap team member.

Rafflels, hundreds of donated auction items and vendors greeted guests, including several US veterans who showed up in a bus purchased with last years donations. A modest entry fee of $20.00 to attend, which included all you could eat BBQ and Crawfish, was worth the price of admission. Add to it the open forum of learning how to swordfish from the best in the industry and for a great cause makes next years event one to put on your calendar. During the live auction one of the attendees paid $27,000.00 for a “Make You Famous” swordfish trip with the Booby Trap.  That’s just one idea of how enthusiastic the auction activity ramped up. When it was all said and done over $400,000.00 will be given to the “Every Day Heroes, Inc.” For more info on the seminar and Booby Trap fishing visit

April 28, 2014 Seminar By: Dale Wills – The 2014 “Get Tight Sucka” Texas Swordfish Seminar held at Surfside Beach, Texas is in the books along with a significant donation of $400,000.00 into the US veterans organization of “Everyday Heroes Inc” accounting books.

Read the article here:  http://www.inthebite.com/2014/04/texas-swordfish-seminar-raises-400k-for-charity/

Booby Trap Raises $400,000 for Vets – BillFish Report

10155015_492975104158225_991206787888113533_n  81eQcvT72oL._SL500_AA300_

Surfside, Texas – Team Booby Trap took some time off from Swordfishing to raise money for Veterans through their Texas Swordfish Seminar. This was their 4th Annual and they raised an impressive $400,000 for Every Day Heroes who provide transportation to Veterans to and from VA Hospitals as well as other forms of transportation. In their prior three (3) Seminars combined, they raised nearly $500,000, taking their total close to $900,000.

We want to acknowledge their efforts and thank them for their hard work for our Veterans. Anyone who has ever raised money before, knows what type of commitment it takes to put on the event. Congratulation to  Capt. Brett Holden, Capt. Jeff Wilson, Capt. Travis Joyce, Capt. Matt Reed and the many others who were a part of this event.

Read Article here – http://billfishreport.com/billfish-report/booby-trap-raised-400000-for-vets/

A Message we received from Australia…

10251961_490640814391654_3053754387174094751_n    10269645_490640811058321_2736716815122331020_n 10696338_299566386912521_6439967482048602237_n

“After 18mths research including watching your videos I managed to catch Tasmania’s (Australia) first ever targeted sword on rod and reel, daytime too. 3.5hr battle in rough weather on 80lb braid. 312lb”

Leo Miller

All of us on the Booby Trap would like to congratulate you on your fine catch! Get Tight Sucka! I’m glad that our swordfishing videos could help assist your fishing team. Catching the first ever targeted Daytime Swordfish in Tasmania is such an awesome accomplishment. Looks like you had some competitive sea conditions as well!

The Booby Trap Fishing Team

“Texas Team Gives Swordfish Secrets to SoCal Anglers”

n3n1v6-b8821765z.120140406190441000g6c16vr2.20 n3n1v7-b8821765z.120140406190441000gn21704m.20 n3n1v7-b8821765z.120140406190441000gn21704q.10

COSTA MESA – Anglers gathered this weekend at the Orange County Fairgrounds to check out the latest and greatest gear, tips and secrets for sportfishing in Southern California.
And show-goers who caught the seminar from Team Booby Trap – the world’s best swordfishers – left with more than just some new gear, taking home some valuable pointers on how to catch the big, yet elusive fish. READ MORE…


#GetTightSucka #BoobyTrapFishingTeam #Fishing

Booby Trap Fishing Team speaking at the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Event !

Booby Trap Fishing Team speaking at the Pacific Coast Sportfishing event with crew members – Capt. Brett Holden, Capt. Travis Joyce, Capt. Jeff Wilson, and Capt. Matt Reed. Get Tight Sucka!#GetTightSucka #Fishing #Sportfishing

1932474_471481692974233_731884186_nRead This Article!!!

Booby Trap Fishing Team has been featured in March, 2014 Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine on page 12 called, “from the bridge – Here We go Again…
Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival 2014…Booby Trap is Coming to Town” by Bill Depriest








4th Annual “Get Tight Sucka!” Texas Swordfish Seminar Announced!

recordsword       safe_image      get tight suckas

The Booby Trap Fishing Team, known worldwide for their daytime swordfishing success, has announced the details for their 4th Annual Texas Swordfish Seminar, which benefits the U.S. Veterans of “Everyday Heroes Inc.” The 2014 seminar takes place April 26th at the Surfside Marina, 827 Gulf Road, Surfside Beach, TX 77541, and starts at 9:00 a.m.


Can’t wait for this event!

web_fest_art_4_2  Screen_Shot_2014-02-25_at_10.08.48_AM  IMG_9762 (2)

“Team Booby Trap Confirmed as headliner Seminar Speaker at the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival 2014….April 5th and 6th Orange County Fairgrounds California…..These guys are the world renowned Booby Trap Swordfishing team …….two part seminar on how to catch giant swords……included with your $10 admission…..these guys did 172 swordfish in 15 trips! These guys have it down and have proven their techniques all over the world….. check them outwww.boobytrapfishingteam.com www.sportfishingfestival.com

Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine


“Make You Famous” Swordfishing Adventure Trip.

1660807_453284211460648_1432439828_n    boatcrew     d27962aec9dee2de4d6a193d9cd1a3555d146e4a

This January/February 2014 Issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine pages 64-65 features, The Booby Trap Fishing Team in an article about the “Make You Famous” Swordfishing Adventure Trip.

Each year The Booby Trap Fishing Team holds an annual Texas Swordfish Seminar benefiting The Everyday Heroes, Inc . Visit our website atwww.boobytrapfishingteam.com for upcoming details on the 2014 Get Tight Suckas Texas Swordfish Seminar . The date of the event will be posted soon!#boobytrapfishingteam #gettightsuckas — with Chelsey Lyn Holden.

2014 Moonphase Calendar – Skipper’s Daughter Shows Off A Swordie She Caught!

1487393_10151772515275870_1765477944_n     DSC_9083  Sponsors-LP
 Booby Trap Fishing Team guest anglers’ Taylor Blair and Chelsey Holden land a spot on this year’s Moonphase Calender! Get Tight Suckas! Thanks Lindgren-Pitman Inc.
Come and get’um 2014 Moonphase Calendar. Congrats to all of the winners! Thanks to all that submitted pictures, best year in terms of numbers of submissions yet, making the decision really tough. Stop on by or give us a call to get yours today!

Check Out This October 2013 Issue of In The Bite “The Professionals’ Sportfishing Magazine

booby trap swordfishing fishing team


– Booby Trap Fishing Team was featured on page 10. titled “Get Tight Suckas” This trip was accompanied by the auction winners of the “Make You Famous” swordfishing trip…

“The trip was for two people to join the Booby Trap Fishing Team on a multi-day swordfishing adventure. Fishing 100 miles off the Texas coast.This trip went for just under $17,000 with 100% of the proceeds went to the Everyday Heroes charity.”

-Joshua Graves; Surfside, Tx

Join Us in 2014 at the Texas Swordfish Seminar to have a chance at the auction to grab a hold of a fishing trip of a life-time…”The Make You Famous Swordfishing Trip”

Check Out This November 2013 Issue of Marlin Magazine “The International’ Sportfishing Magazine

– Booby Trap Fishing Team was featured on page 18. Titled “Make You Famous” This trip was accompanied by the auction winners of the “Make You Famous” swordfishing trip…

“The trip was for two people to join the Booby Trap Fishing Team on a multi-day swordfishing adventure. Fishing 100 miles off the Texas coast. This trip went for just under $17,000 with 100% of the proceeds went to the Everyday Heroes charity.”

Join Us in 2014 at the Texas Swordfish Seminar to have a chance at the auction to grab a hold of a fishing trip of a life-time…”The Make You Famous Swordfishing Trip”!

booy trap fishing team marlin magazine

Check Out This December 2013 Issue of SPORT FISHING MAGAZINE On page 20 there’s an article featuring Capt. Brett Holden – Aka Capt. Ahab owner and avid swordfisherman of the Booby Trap Fishing Team. The article title is ” Double Take For An Offshore Hake” by Bob Shipp. The article talks about a member of the codfish family The Merluccius Albidus, a fish Brett has caught a few times fishing in 1,890 feet of water…

Check Out This Sept/October Issue of Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine!

booby trap fishing team giant swordfish

 Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine

Brett Holden and Holden Roofing donated 2 trips benefiting disabled veterans of Every Day Heroes last March at the Texas Swordfish Seminar on the Booby Trap. These two trips raised just under $35,000 for the Veterans. This was the third year in a row Holden Roofing donated trips and these trips have raised over 100,000 dollars for fundraisers.

This trip was auctioned off and the high bidder was John Duffy for the second year in a row. John brought his daughter Taylor Blair along and what a great picture! Here is one more magazine the trip has been published in!

Thanks Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine for your support!

#gettightsucka #boobytrapfishingteam #sportfishing@boobytrapswords


Booby Trap Fishing team catches daytime swordfish in the gulf

Check Out This August Issue of Pacific Coast SportFishing Magazine!

Check Out This August 2013 Issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine
– Booby Trap Fishing Team was featured in main article page 48. titled” Mike “The Beak” Hurt An Interview with a Billfish Legend by Bob Hoose…


Also on page 20 The Booby Trap was feature for their Massive Swordfish Sets State Record in the Gulf


Booby Trap Fishing team record swordfish


Check Out This July/August Issue of In The Bite SportFishing Magazine!

Photo (center picture- page 10) of 493lb Texas State Record Swordfish hanging in the dock at Surfside Marina photo was captured by Booby Trap Fishing Team. Later we were interviewed by ABC local
“Get Tight Sucka!”

Photo (on right page-18) with Mike Parsons good friend, and guest angler with his Giant Tilefish!

Check Out This Month’s Issue of Marlin Magazine!



Check Out This Month’s Issue of Marlin Magazine!

Photo (center picture- page 40 Marlin Magazine) of Swordfish in the water was captured by Booby Trap Fishing Team. “Get Tight Sucka!”

Photo (on right) with Booby Trap Boat and crew, with Record Catch 30 Swords in Three Days!

Want to Experience Fishing on The Booby Trap?

Click the links below to experience the whole trip catching 30 Swordfish with Capt. Ahab and crew with special guest angler Capt. Nick Stanczyk from the famous Bud N’ Marys Florida fishing crew!


Also don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to get instant notifications to your email, every time we upload a new video! Please post comments on our videos we would love to know what you think!

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30 swordfish in 3 days

Freeport, TX – Team Booby Trap are just back from their 3 1/2 Day adventure and they certainly found the Swordfish. They went an incredible 30-38 on Swordfish, releasing 26 in Total. On their best day, they caught 14 Swordfish. These were not pups either, with twenty (20) of these Broadbills over 200 lbs. and 4-5 of them over 300 lbs! We are not sure what is more impressive, the fact that they caught 30 Swordfish or the fact that they had 30 Swordfish Flags…(read more)


The moment is as fresh in his mind as if it happened last week. Four-year old Brett Holden stands on the dock holding a gleaming kingfish that’s nearly as big as he is. Published in a local newspaper, the photo, submitted by his dad, Don, documented the beginning of a record setting angling career…(Read More)

Fishermen reel in massive swordfish, expected to be biggest ever in Texas!

boobytrap-fishing-team-webpage-record-swordfish-texas-katie-mccall              booby-trap-crew-swordfish-1

It could be a new Texas state record — a massive fish weighing in at nearly 500 pounds was pulled out of the Gulf of Mexico this week.

Fishermen are known for telling stories that are sometimes larger than life. But what this crew reeled in was really big — a nearly 500 pound swordfish.

“This is the biggest one that we’ve caught here in the Gulf of Mexico,” boat captain Jeff Wilson said. “It was 500 the day before but we had to ice it and bring it in and it loses weight during that process.” read more…  Katie McCall

 boobytrap-fishing-team-webpage             boobytrap-fishing-team-swordfish-records-texas-small

images   booby-trap-crew-2

The latest trip (5/9/13) aboard the 52′ Viking Booby Trap, Capt. “Ahab” Brett Holden, Capt. Jeff Wilson, and new first mate, Matt Reed, took three guest anglers out for their second trip of the season.  Josh Graves, Mike Parsons, and Andrew West managed to catch seven swordfish up to 400lbs, releasing five of them to fight another day…(read more)   Author: TWJ STAFF
 waterman's journal press release    waterman journal swordfishing



Two Giant Swordfish Hooked Off California in Historic – Deep-Drop Attempts – Texas broadbill hotshots proved that huge swordfish are waiting to be hooked during the day in the Pacific depths off Southern California.(READ MORE…) By Doug Olander


On June 01, 2011, Lone Star Swordfish- Suddenly, it’s all about broadbill for Texas offshore enthusiasts — a swordfish pioneer reveals long-veiled secrets
Read Complete Story

“BOOBY TRAP” in one day released 2 blues, 2 sails, 2 swords, and white. Having a “dream” day one performance the crew realized what an opportunity they had been given. They went for and caught two swords to complete not only a double slam, this could be the only super slam ever recorded in Texas Waters during a tournament by a single angler. Congrats Brett Holden, Travis, and crew!




3rd Annual Swordfish Seminar Recap– The 3rd Annual Swordfish Seminar hosted by the Boobytrap Fishing Team on Saturday, March 23rd wrapped up in fine fashion.  Held at Surfside Marina, in Surfside Beach, TX read more…    Author: TWJ STAFF
 PRESS-watermans-journal-boobytrap-fishing    PREss-watermans-journal-swordfish-seminar      159
SPORTS FISHING MAGAZINE/Swordfishermen Release Monster Sawfish From Backcountry Beach- by Mike Mazur-

Posted on Apr 23, 2013 in Tightening the DragFlorida Keys fishing

So I received an email this morning with a video link from Texas swordfishing legend Capt. Brett Holden (aka Capt. Ahab) read more…


Giant Sawfish with with Brett Holden/Capt. Ahab and Capt. Nick Stanczyk in the Florida Keys

Accomplished swordfish angler Brett Holden was recently fishing in Islamorada with another swordfish expert, Capt. Nick Stancyzk of Bud N Mary’s Marina, when they hooked into a massive sawfish.  READ ENTIRE ARTICLE & WATCH VIDEO…

SPORT FISHING MAGAZINE  / DECEMBER 2012, Page 54 & JANUARY 2013 / Page 26 and 40

IN THE BITE MAGAZINE  / JANUARY 2013 / Page 26 & 40
IN THE BITE MAGAZINE  / DECEMBER 2012 / Page 19 & 58


Pacific Coast Sportfishing was once called South Coast Sportfishing, which published its first issue back in 1981.  We’re strictly about West Coast saltwater angling, covering the legendary waters from Central America, north to Alaska, and west to Hawaii.

In the September 2012 Issue, Booby Trap Fishing Team featured on Page 34. “Swordfish Beware” – Texas Deep Drop Methods Could Change Your Game



Sport Fishing Magazine celebrates 30 years of providing readers complete coverage of big-game fishing around the globe.

In the Aug 2012 Issue, Booby Trap Fishing Team featured on Page 22. “Crew Quarters-The Pro’s Speak”


Sport Fishing Magazine celebrates 30 years of providing readers complete coverage of big-game fishing around the globe.

In the Aug 2012 Issue, Booby Trap Fishing Team featured on Page 72. “Summer Billfish Special”

Booby Trap Catches Billfish Super Slam off Texas Coast by Mike Mazur

July 31, 2012 — When it comes to swordfish, I’ve had my share of good fortune as an outdoor writer over the last few years. Back in 2007, I broke the story of the daytime broadbill fishery that was pioneered by the Stanczyk family at Bud N Mary’s Marina in Islamorada, Florida. Along with my wife, the crew caught 11 swords in two days aboard the legendary Catch 22 — we snapped amazing photos and experienced nothing short of an incredible trip.
Read Complete Story


Had a chance to fish with the best of the best on Brett Holden’s BOOBY TRAP and we nailed 7 Swords, a Blue, and a bunch of Wahoo!  These guys have 91 Broadbills for the year so far based in Surfside, Texas, including many of those being released. Read Complete Story


On July 25, 2012, Capt. Brett Holden and his team on the 52-foot Viking Booby Trap made history yet again. In just four hours of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, the crew managed to catch four species of billfish to log what is known throughout the sport as a Super Slam.
Read Complete Story


Marlin Magazine celebrates 30 years of providing readers complete coverage of big-game fishing around the globe.

In the July 2012 Issue, Booby Trap Fishing Team featured on Page 16. “Crushing Swords in Texas”


In the Byte Magazine offer what nobody else does — a readership made up of the most knowledgeable and well informed big game sportfishing enthusiasts in the world. In the Byte Magazine does not claim to be a magazine for everyone. In the Byte Magazine editorial relates to the avid fisherman, not the arm chair fisherman dreaming of catching one billfish.

In the May 2012 Issue, Booby Trap Fishing Team featured on Page 14. “Booby Trap Raises the Bar”


In the Byte Magazine offer what nobody else does — a readership made up of the most knowledgeable and well informed big game sportfishing enthusiasts in the world. In the Byte Magazine does not claim to be a magazine for everyone. In the Byte Magazine editorial relates to the avid fisherman, not the arm chair fisherman dreaming of catching one billfish.

In the May 2012 Issue, Booby Trap Fishing Team featured on Page 14. “21 Swordfish in a Day and a Half”

NOV/DEC 2011

Sport Fishing Magazine celebrates 30 years of providing readers complete coverage of big-game fishing around the globe.

In the Dec 2011 Issue, Booby Trap Fishing Team featured on Page 12. – Quick Bites / Lost Sword-World Record?


    Think “Texas fishing,” and swordfish probably aren’t the first game fish that leap to mind. Just don’t tell that to a growing cadre of Lone Star broadbill enthusiasts. Not so long ago, the idea of running 75 to 100 miles or more offshore into the Gulf of Mexico to try for swords would have bordered on the bizarre. But in the past couple of years, that cat’s been slinking out of the bag.  Click Right Arrow Above to View Magazine Spreads

    Read Complete Story

  • Inside Spreads (…Continued)


  • Inside Spread (…Continued)

    photoRead Complete Story


5th Annual Houston Invitational Billfish Tournament  |  Houston, TX  |  June 25 – 27, 2009

Press Release — The Houston Big Game Fishing Club hosted the 5th Annual Houston Invitational Billfish Tournament on June 25th to June 27th. Ideal weather conditions greeted the fleet of sport fishing boats as they departed Galveston, Freeport and Port O’Connor, Texas for the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Participants were allowed to begin fishing at 12:00 am on Friday, June 26th and the calm seas allowed the majority of the boats to get to deep water for night time tuna fishing at the start of fishing time. The tuna bite was on at the deep rigs with numerous boats reporting solid tuna in the 100 lb range. The good tuna fishing was a sign of the billfish action to come on day one. Read Complete Story